6 Dec

I know it has been what seems like forever since I have shared one of my icons with y’all. But I refuse to say I have been neglecting it, I just blame school. Finals, papers and the dreaded group projects have been just insane. But don’t you worry, here’s a new one.

On my personal blog I did a post last week about the absolutely fantastic and gorgeous Crazy. Stupid. Love. star, Ryan Gosling. So for this week I have decided to highlight his equally as fabulous co-star, EMMA STONE.

Not only is she one of my favorite young Hollywood stars acting wise right now, but she is incredibly beautiful and hilariously funny. Her comedic timing is just spot on and I find she really captures the audience whenever she is on screen.

Some of her acting chops include Easy A, Superbad, The Help, and Crazy. Stupid. Love. She will also be in the new Spiderman movie, alongside rumored boyfriend, Andrew Garfield. Uhhh….yes please.

She also is not afraid to take some daring fashion risks, with that fiery red hair. I am utterly obsessed with just about every look she rocks on the red carpet!!

So, while I might not scale a mountain, or jump out of a really high plane to be the lovely Emma, I can sit here and completely obsess about her. It only seems like the healthy thing to do!!  Not only because she is gorgeous, makes me giggle, and takes risks on the red carpet, but, she gets to kiss some of the most swoon-worthy men in Hollywood….how do I get that job?!

xo, EM


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