Santa Hat Desserts

16 Dec

As promised from my pervious post I completed another pin from Pinterest.

I bet you can pick out the one I did first!

On Monday December 5th one of my friends had her baby girl Addison. Once the proud parents got a week to settle in, a group of us brought them dinner. I was in charge of desserts so I turned to Pinterest to find a recipe. I made these because I thought they were so cute and this group of girls LOVES brownies.

Like my socks, don't laugh! It's cooold.

The recipe that was linked on pinterest used icing for the cotton around the bottom and the ball at the top. Icing just did not sound good to me mixed with strawberries (personal preference). So what goes really well with strawberries and is white…CHOCOLATE!!

They were really good. Not as time-consuming as I had thought… so I would do it again for a Christmas party or get together.
White Chocolate
Box of Brownies (still working on making them from scratch…give me time)
Cookie Cutter
Pastry Bag or Ziploc Bag
1. Cook brownies according to directions on box, or make your homemade batch…overachiever!!
2. While the brownies are in the oven, trim the top off of the strawberries and hull the middle out. There is a great tip on Pinterest (of course) using a straw to hull them.
3. Once the brownies are done let them cool down. I am a very impatient person so this was hard. I forced myself to clean out my car in order to distract myself!!
4. Once cooled, use the cookie cutter to make your circles.
5. Melt your white chocolate in a double boiler. Put the melted chocolate in your pastry bag.
6. Assemble your santa hats. I tried all sorts of ways to make the chocolate on the bottom of the hat look “realistic”. They all ended up pretty much the same so save your creative energy for something else!
7. Taste one of your creations!
A few side notes: A mini muffin pan would make this a lot easier and you wouldn’t have to eat  waste all those scraps! Let the white chocolate cool for maybe 30 secs to a min before applying to your first strawberry, that way it won’t run down the brownie as much.
The technique for eating is to eat the top of the strawberry first then stuff the rest in your mouth!!

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