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15 Dec

Have you ever wanted to just pick up your life and move somewhere unexpected? Or make plans to do something…and actually do it? To make good on a promise or a want you have wanted forever? I admire people who can do all of these things. The ones who make a list of things they want to do, or places they want to do and make good on those ideas. These people are icons, for the sheer reason of they do what they want. I LOVE that. I have my own bucket list, and hope one day I can cross every single one off. Here are a couple of my items to check off:

What are some of y’alls bucket list items…I would love to add to mine!

xo, EM


pet peeve.

1 Dec

So sorry I have been a bit MIA here lately, finals are just kicking my little tail at the moment! But never fear, my pet peeve of the week is sure to brighten your day. It is now December, crazy I know I can hardly believe it, but it is that time of the year for cold weather, pretty scarves, hot chocolate and christmas music. There are many lovely things about this season but one thing I can not stand are tacky Christmas sweaters. They are just that….tacky.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about dressing festive. Gimmie some sparkle, red and green or even some gold, but I draw the extremely dark line in the snow at articles of clothing that jingle, light up or are just plain horrible to look at.

There is a reason that they are called TACKY christmas sweaters, no one should wear them outside of a TACKY christmas sweater party. That is why we have parties dedicated to them, they are that bad they need a specific place to wear them. Usually these parties include friends laughing at how awful your sweater is and a contest to figure out who’s sweater is the tackiest. See, even we throw on these awfully bad fashion sins every once in a while.

So please people, do not don these itchy, oversized, noise-making uglies unless you are going to said TACKY party. And remember, substitute teachers do not get a free pass.

xo, EM

Baby Shower

28 Nov

One of my close friends is having a baby. When we found out this baby was a girl the heavens opened and visions of PINK, Tulle, Big BOWS, and a combination of all three popped into our head. I, of course, volunteered to throw a baby shower.

*NOTE: I like arts and crafts but the lack of patience in me makes me dread them. I want it done NOW and thats all there is to it.

BUT since my friend is such an amazing person all around I decided she deserves the best. So here you go ladies and gents. Krafty Katie at work!

A little inspiration from Pinterest helped me with this.

I honestly had no idea what a topiary was until this shower. Since the theme was, “Apple of Our Eye,” I made some apple ones for the mantle. It involved me going to Home Depot and trimming 48 inch long dowles because I am a dummy and forgot to get them from the craft store. Props to Home Depot for having a trimming station!

Yes people this is a tutu table skirt. ALL 131 inches of tulle was  hand glued by me. It was actually a little relaxing. The pink boa thing is a diaper cake. My first ever diaper cake!!

Apple Punch. Recipe found here. We had to modify it a little here and there to get the right sweetness but it was still very yummy!

Props to Emily for the photos. While I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off she snapped these quick shots of my handy work.

And as usual we didn’t take any pics of ourselves…


happy friendsgiving!!

24 Nov

This past weekend we decided to recreate thanksgiving, friends style. We put our Seth Cohen hats on a created our own super holiday, a la Christmukkah, and called it Friendsgiving.(okay, maybe not quite as creative as Seth’s, but that is quite a tall order!??)

One of our big ideas for this uber holiday, was that we would take pictures of ourselves, since we are absolutely horrible at doing so. We did not succeed.

However, there are tons of pictures of the food!!!

Oh, and in a battle of the sexes game of Pictionary….the girls kicked some tail!!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday week!

xo, EM & Katie

music friday.

11 Nov

It’s that time again. FRIDAY!! I don’t know about you but I get in such a great mood just knowing it is the weekend! For this weeks music to start your weekend, I decided to bring it back a little to the era of the boy bands….you know you remember them. Backstreet Boys, N’SYNC, 98 Degrees, LFO, DreamStreet….classic.

I hope you enjoy this flashback as much as I did!! The hairbrush singing into the mirror a la Britney Spears in her classic film, Crossroads, definitely happened more than once. JT does it to me!!

xo, EM